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“If you’re looking for books on anti-racism, this is the book you need to start with. Black Fatigue pragmatically explains every inch of systemic racism in America – its history, where it is now, and how it impacts the Black community specifically. One of my favorite things about Black Fatigue are the step-by-step action plans for rectifying our racist systems. In a world with a lot of talk, I’m glad someone stepped forward and offered practical solutions.”

– Chà Merri, @thecharmedgeek

Mary-Frances Winters’ Black Fatigue is a life-altering work. It belongs on every reading list, and I feel lucky to be among its first readers. Buy it, read it, share it.

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“Black Fatigue is a life-altering work.”

– Kay, @barrettbookreviews


Book reviews

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"Black Fatigue is unbelievably well-written, unrelentingly honest, and unapologetically focused on the specific experi-ences of Black people in America. This book is indispensable for anyone who wants to thoroughly analyze and dismantle racism in America. It also reinforces Mary-Frances Winters’ well-deserved reputation as one of the country’s most thoughtful and courageous voices on race."

– Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Award winning author, social justice activist, Professor of Media Studies and Urban Education, Temple University

"Black Fatigue tells the truth. African Americans are tired. We are weighed down by a kind of exhaustion that cuts to the bone. Mary-Frances Winters brilliantly shows us how this Black fatigue animates our way of living and how the racism that causes it shapes social structures and affects the distribution of advantage and disadvantage. This book helps us see what is happening to us – all of us – on the inside. A must read for these times."

– Eddie S. Glaude Jr., PhD., Author of Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and Its Urgent Lessons for our Own

"Enough is enough. As Mary-Frances Winters powerfully documents, Black people are fed up with racism, anti-Black violence, and the white privilege and white ignorance that produce them. Black Fatigue gives voice to the exhaustion and frustration felt by many Black people due to racial stress and the negative health effects caused by generations of systematic racism. This important book not only serves as a healing salve for Black people. It also works as an effective defense for them to use against so-called good white people when they ask a Black person to educate them about racism. Hand them this book and save your energy for Black people and Black communities instead!"

– Shannon Sullivan, Chair and Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and author of Revealing Whiteness, Good White People and White Privilege

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